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These are the most frequently asked questions

1) I have a password problem, can i have much information?

If your password doesn't work, it can be due to the following reasons:

a) You have given your password out to other people.
b) Excessive failed logins. Remember that your password is cAsE sEnSiTiVe.
c) You have exceeded the max download limit of 1 Gbyte/day.

2) I have lost my password, could you send it back to me?

a) If you have lost your password click here

3) How can I get my ID and password to see all the galleries?

There are two ways:

a) Use your Credit Card Instant on-line access by Credit Card through Verotel
b) Sending a contribution Earn one month's free access by sending in your downblouse pics or videos  HERE

4) What I have to know for subscibing using my Credit Card?

Monthly membership automatically renew every 30 days, until it is canceled. CCBill provides an easy way to cancel your subscription any time you decide.
VIP Membership (6 months) does not rebill and save 30% = 2 months free!
Verotel handles our credit card/check transactions - they are 100% secure - you can visit their site and view their policies at Verotel.
We do not sell or give your information, including your email address, to anyone.
Anyone found selling, displaying or giving their username and password to any other person will have their membership withdrawn and be banned from joining this site again.
We do not offer refunds on subscriptions partially used.
The charge will appear on your credit card statement as "Verotel"

5) Which type of contribution can I send to be sure of receiving my free ID and password?

These are the rules:
a) Send only original downblouse material made by yourself in VERY good quality
b) Send at least 6 photos (as a serie) or 1 videoclip
c) Photos or video must be absolutely unposed
d) At least a part of the nipple must be visible
e) Do not send only close-up pics
f)  Please include a nice description about the contribution
g) Pics of wives or girlfriends must be absolutely unposed and in very good quality
h) Before sending material you must read and agree to the conditions of submissions
i) Go HERE and send your submissions

6) If I join using my CC, when will my ID and password be activated and how long will they be valid?

Your ID and password will be activated immediately!

7) If I send a good contribution, when will my ID and password be activated and how long will they be valid?

Your ID and password will be activated within 24-48 hours and will be valid for a full week!

In this case we've created a special preview page with a little bit of everything for those, like you, who have sent material not usable for the contributors area, but with some files good enough to be used in the photos or movies sections.


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